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    With Simone Coulars

    Offering Massage therapy, Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda

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    I love sharing sessions that hope to inspire, nurture, create transformation & cultivate more harmony.

    I currently offer bodywork sessions in Grass Valley, as well as Yoga, meditation & Ayurvedic "dinacharya" sessions online. To elaborate on that a bit the massage sessions I offer are usually a blend of flowing oil massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue & acupressure.

    In private practice I can complement the sessions with warm oil, dry brushing, abdominal massage, hot stones, hot oil scalp treatment, cupping & gua sha. The sessions are deeply relaxing for the nervous system, promote more energy & lymph flow, enhance circulation, nourish the skin & can help to free up areas of restriction in the body. I use only organic herbal & essential oils.

    In addition to massage I'm also available to offer private tantric kriya Yoga sets from the Himalayan Sattva Yoga tradition or Sattva meditation sessions. This approach to Yoga is deeply healing, transformative & nourishes a deeper connection to our essence. I also love to share Ayurvedic Dinacharya sessions. These are private online sessions where I'll share some morning/evening rituals & practices that cultivate deeper well being & health. I studied Ayurveda with Myra Lewin & team at Hale Pule Yoga & Ayurveda.

    I also make artwork! To view my art site please visit: https://www.wildrosearts-simonecoulars.com

  • Massage Therapy

    Warm oil Massage with Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

    This is a soothing & relaxing massage where herbal Ayurvedic warm oil is used. The session begins with a warm oil massage and closes with a Hot Oil scalp treatment.​​


    Relaxation Massage​ with Acupressure

    This session is intended to support relaxation & energetic balance. The base of the session will be a flowing relaxation massage with Acupressure added in to support energy balancing.


    Relaxation Massage with Dry Brushing

    A flowing relaxation massage is the base of this session. Dry brushing of your body will be included at the beginning of the session to support lymph flow.


    Thai Yoga Massage Blend

    Thai Yoga Massage is intended to help balance the body on multiple levels. It can have both a profoundly relaxing as well as energizing effect. The session is a blend of deep stretches and massage compressions combined with a flowing relaxation massage. ​


    Hot Stone Massage with Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

    Soothing & nourishing Hot stone massage to support deep relaxation & pain relief. It also includes a hot oil scalp treatment with herbal Ayurvedic oil.


    Deep tissue Massage Blend with Myofascial Cupping & Gua Sha

    This therapeutic session includes Deep tissue massage where needed to ease restrictions, Thai Yoga massage stretches to support energy flow & lengthening of muscles, Cupping for Myofascial release & Gua Sha for pain relief. ​


    Pre-Natal Massage

    Nurturing Pre-Natal Massage.

    Belly massage is completely optional & only offered after the 1st trimester.



    We create the session based on your wishes & what you're needing!

    The session can be a blend of Hot stone, Acupressure, Myofascial cupping, Thai Yoga Massage, Gua Sha, Hot Oil Scalp treatment, Dry brushing, Deep Tissue & Relaxation massage.


  • Yoga, breathwork, meditation & ayurveda

    Private Sessions(online or in person):

    Himalayan Kriya Yoga Sets:

    I'll share a Kriya Yoga set from the Himalayan tradition. It'll be a set of Tantric Kriya yoga & breathwork practices that are specific to your needs & what you'd like support with transforming. I'll also share a few additional practices from this tradition that will support an integrative home Yoga practice.

    Kriya translates as evolutionary action. These are practices that support a deep energetic transformation and support our evolution. They also support a deeper connection to our more essential nature. Kriya sets can support the healing of anxiety, trauma, depression, strengthening of will power, increase in energy, balancing of the nervous system & more.

    This is ideal for people looking to create a home Yoga practice that is short yet effective in it's transformational benefits. It's advised to be able to commit to Kriya sets for specific periods of time in order to receive the full benefit.


    The flow-what's included:

    ~You'll fill out a form online that will give me insight into what Kriya set to share.

    ~I'll share the Kriya set & any additional practices that may be supportive via a live video Zoom call.

    ~You can email me anytime with questions. We'll check in again after 21 days. You can then then continue with the same Kriya set or recieve a new one.

    ~You'll receive PDF's & a video of the Kriya set to support your practice.



    Ayurveda sessions(online):

    I'll share suggestions for creating Ayurvedic Dinacharya(daily morning & evening self care rituals). These will be attuned to your needs & intended to support the cultivation of optimal well being. Additional suggestions + a few yummy recipes will be shared.


    The flow~What's included:

    ~You'll fill out a questionaire online before the session.

    ~We'll meet for the session & I'll share morning & evening practices attuned to your needs.

    ~You can email me anytime with questions.

    ~I'll share recipes & practices in a PDF as support.


    Meditation practice(online):

    A meditation practice will be shared from the Himalayan Sattva Yoga tradition. It's a practice that can support with cultivating deeper inner equilibreum.


    The flow~What's included:

    ~We'll meet for the session & I'll share the practice + a PDF.

    ~You can email me afterwards anytime with any questions that might come up.


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    Custom handmade salves

    Custom handmade salves

    Made to order. Can include a mix of essential oils in a base almond oil.
    Coming soon
  • Session fees

    All sessions offered in private practice:

    60 minutes: $85

    70 minutes: $105

    90 minutes: $125

    120 minutes: $150


    Gift Certificates available upon request for all services

    Add $10 for home visits

    Package deals available

    Sliding scale offered if needed

  • Hours & locations

    Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays at Vela Massage retreat

    Saturdays in private practice

  • Con​tact

    Simone Coulars